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If you think our Stone Age ancestral mums didn’t develop the killing tools to overwhelm our poor ancestral dads you probably don’t know that world population today is more than seven billions.

Our ancient mums mastered a certain walk that made any man dizzy with desire. It is called ‘dalliance’. English speakers may claim it as an English word but it is from a prehistoric toot *DL “to guide to, to point the way to something, indication, to make things reachable or accessible”. *DaLeel “guide, proof”, ‘*DaLou’ “a bucket to lift water” (because it is lowered to reach the water).


However, girls knew that attracting a man is something, making the man fall in love and committed is something else that requires him to look in their eyes where the true commitment is made. So, if you don’t know yet, we can tell you that, on average, women eye pupils are bigger than men, and here is a quote that may open some eyes wide: “pupils not only play a role in vision, but in sex as well” (Link at end of this post).

So boys and girls we have a little advice for you, “If you don’t want to fall in love steer away from eyes. If you don’t and the eyes introduce themselves to each other and feel safe in the company of each other you’re done – both of you.”

However, again, to steer men all the way to the pupils, the eyes should appear much bigger than they are, or noticeable from as far a distance as possible. When they looked around for the ancient “Max Factor’ they found a master in the art of eye presentation – “Oryx” and our ancestral mums cried in unison, “Mascara, here we come!”

The Arabic “oryx eyes” is not a reference to the deer but to women with large eyes, actual or mascaraed.  Here’s the proof from a 9th century poet:

Oryx eyes between Rasafa and bridge,
Wafted towards me love from sides I know,
And every side I don’t,
To which girl my love should I pledge,
For friends, sweet for me is love,
And bitter is love for me,
Is there a way to have the sweet,
And let the bitter be?

(Here is a link to the rest of it

The Etymology team thinks that trade began with two items, Kohl and frankincense (liban or ‘laban’ “milk”). No girl in the ancient world can do without Kohl, she’d rather go without food for days. It can be produced by grinding two hard black stones but the finest type was produced from the rocks of the mountains of Mecca. How do we know that? Because the word ‘Kohl’ is derived from the linguistic cluster (*ḤG/*GḤ > migration > *ḤK ‘frication’ > *ḤJ) > ‘Ḥaj’  “pilgrimage”.

It does look that some of our ancestral mums used either blood or some substance that looked like blood as lipstick. We know what clothes they wore and what natural dyes they used to colour their faces, hands and feet but we ran out of space so we’ll keep posting. If you want to have an idea watch a traditional Indian film.

But, then, a question: Human beings are the only creatures who don’t think they were created beautiful enough so they have to improve on it, why?

We are not really qualified to answer scientifically but we know from analysing ancient words that the commitment needed to raise children is immense compared to all other animals and far longer. The bonds had to be very strong and that needed to keep the man committed any way women can including something no other animals do – all year sex. For us it doesn’t look vain, shallow or frivolous but essential for the very survival of the human race. Most foods are edible but the difference is in presentation. We think you know what we mean. And sorry Marilyn Monroe but millions of Indian or Pakistani girls can beat you flat with femininity.

Our ancestral mums were right and their daughters in the 21st century are also right. How do we know? We are billions. Statisticians proclaiming the end of marriage are confusing delay with cancellation. Couples are marrying later than in previous decades mostly because of economic considerations but the marriage is more or less intact. Here is a good report:

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Last modified: August 31, 2017

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