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The beauty of Ancient Arabian, believed by some researchers to have been sufficiently communicative 50,000 years ago, is the astonishing small number of roots – less than 450. Once you know the general meaning of the root, say *ZB “penis” all words that have these two letters in them should have some connection with the original meaning of the root.
The “Ariba is a very ancient language known in academia jargon as “Proto-Semitic” a contemporary rendering of a name applied by 19th German linguists. Akkadian, both Assyrian and Babylonian, are daughters of the great linguistic grandma, and so is Yemeni Arabic, which dominates Assyrian, ancient and 7th century+ Arabic. Forty thousand years later or so Hebrew joined in.
In ancient and “new” Arabic, suffixed specifier extensions of *ZB include ‘zibl’ “rubbish” (because a penis is a urine pump), ‘zibdeh’ “butter” (old butter appears to have looked like the ejaculatory secretion or as runny yuki), ‘mizrab’ “drains”, and “Zab” a known river in Mespotamia because both piss and water were the identified by the ancients as similar.
‘Sunset’ is beautifully portrayed in the phrase ‘zibbat al shams’ to mean the sun set like a penis hiding in the pubic hair.
Several suffixed specifier extensions (i.e, root *zb + a suitable letter) can be viewed in Akkadian including:

zibānu: [Sky → Astronomy → Constellations]: Libra ;
Zibbāti: [Sky → Astronomy → Constellations → Zodiac]  Pisces;
zibbatu: tail
Zibbātu: [Sky → Astronomy → Constellations → Zodiac]  Pisces (Fish)
ziblu: [Country → Agriculture]  dung, manure, animal defecation / droppings, turd (?) ;

The reason why ‘zibānu’ is chosen to mean “Libra” seems to be related to a popular impression still common in parts of the Arab World that those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are “hot” womanisers or nymphets. A literal description would be something like “dicky” and “cunty”.


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Last modified: December 30, 2022

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