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The longest war in the history of Homo Sapiens is deliberately untold by almost all those who knew about it. For close to 2,000 years it seems to have been nothing less that genocidal. Girls traditionally forbidden to be physically harmed or killed, are claimed to have been buried alive. The population of vast areas of Europe by refugees fleeing the senseless slaughter is one aspect of the longest and greatest war. Another is the astonishing number of years it lasted. With the help of their historical allies, the Sumites or Sumerians, the tribes of Ad (Adam) manged to chip at the power of their fearsome A‛adite enemies before they were united by Hammurabi who mustered sufficient numbers of soldiers to subdue the A‛adites and their allies in Mesopotamia and in the city states along the Euphrates river.

Whether deliberately or because scribes were not aware of the true details of the war, Jewish text referred to the incident that triggered the longest war in history – the accidental or inadvertent murder of one of Adam’s son and heir of his A‛adit co-ruler of the joint tribes of Ad and A‛ad. The murder appears to have coincided with the beginning of trade. A‛adites were anxious to control the trade of the most precious commodity of the time, liban of Frankincense, and they may have exaggerated their reaction to the murder of their leader to control the plantations of the liban trees which mostly belonged to Adites.

One of the two names used by the Jewish scribes is sufficiently close to the name found in Ancient Arabic, Habīl, a vowelized form of *HB + *’L “the gift of God IL”. The other name in Ancient Arabic is Qabīl, a Nucleitic compound of *GB “tribal chieftain” and *’L “God IL.” This second name was replaced by probably of the authors of Jewish religious book who belonged to a Jewish tribe famous for its religious scribes and scholars – Qayn “state slave of Yemen”. The tribe is better known as Qaynaqā‛ (قينقاع). They were originally resident of Yemen but escaped to Medina following the invasion of Yemen by angry Byzantine and Ethiopian Christians eager to avenge the murder of Christians by a Jewish war lord who is accused of investigating attacks on Christians who refused to convert to Judaism.

Theirs was a clever decision as it narratively placed Jews on top of the ladder of human ancestry.

It is no secret that the children of Ad (Adam) did not bury their dead but carried the corpses to the desert where they were left. A‛adites housed their dead under domed enclosures known as “beehive” graves located on elevated ground away from tribal quarters.

The A‛adite invasion of the territories of Ad and his tribes resulted in the slaughter of a large number of Adites. Clearly, carrying all the dead to the desert was beyond the ability of the women and children who survived the slaughter and they were buried instead.

Incredible scenery at Al Ain’s Beehive Tombs, Trover

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Last modified: January 3, 2023

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